Digital Transformation

At Opentrends we help our diverse clients to quickly and seamlessly transition into the new digital revolution [Industry 4.0]. We develop IoT technology and harness sensor data in the development of viable smart cities, medical devices and interfaces; along with connected vehicles. 

We create hyper-connected services and applications with end-to-end Digital Transformation services including:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • Big Data and Analytics 
  • Horizontal and Vertical Integrations
  • Post-quantum security and blockchain
  • User Experience strategy and design (see our Innovation Lab)
Data Analytics

All services are accompanied with ongoing analytics, which allows us to gather real time data to improve decision making and offer new services based on user information and feedback. 

Opentrends offers more than just a suite of digital services. We provide a holistic implementation approach centered around the end-user.  In addition to technology solutions, we conduct “data discovery” sessions, allowing us to develop a custom implementation plan to identify the greatest advantage of new opportunities, as well as transforming legacy systems to integrate with new solutions. 

Our strategy will consider your company's decision-making, cultural and technological challenges. Opentrends’ approach empowers your business


Success Cases

  • Car manufacturer: We defined and executed jointly with a major global manufacturer a new connected car application approach.
  • World Congress: We succeeded in the challenge of providing NFC access to visitors for such a massive event. NFC Badge for Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry has been the mobile application allowing attendees to use their NFC phones as a virtual accreditation to access the Congress. See success case here.
  • CityOS: Open system that integrates the municipal infrastructure with external sources, providing a data and tools ecosystem capable of processing, normalizing and analyzing huge volume of information, and extracting quality information.
  • IoT Sentilo platform for Smart Cities: We have made several cloud implementations of the Sentilo IoT platform, gathering data from multiple sources. Since its deployment the platform has managed more than 2M transactions. See case studies here.
  • Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC): We provide support in the process of renovation and redefinition of the UOC's enterprise architecture in order to adapt the new needs and current business requirements.